ReSOURCE Job Skills Training

The ReSOURCE Job Skills Training programs offer an opportunity for adult and youth Vermonters who have barriers to employment to hone job skills and prepare for a successful work life as productive members of their communities. Working closely with trainees we ensure that individual needs are accommodated and high standards are maintained, while serving a diverse range of individuals who need new skills and an opportunity to succeed.

Workforce Development Training Programs

Prepares Vermonters for jobs and/or post-secondary education by utilizing on-the-job training to provide opportunities for Vermonters with any barrier the ability to find employment and remain employed.

Work Experience Training Programs

Offers training through programs consisting of pre-vocational and work readiness training that lay the groundwork for future employment while providing valuable on-the-job experience alongside training.

Interested in learning more about our Job Skills Training Programs please contact our HR & Training Director with any questions.

Bethany Johnson
802.658.4143 x16